fox among the snow

11 Unknown Facts about Foxes

  1. Foxes are lonely in the wild.
  2. Foxes are most like cats. They are very active at night.
  3. Foxes use the Earth’s magnetic field for hunting.

    fox plays
    The fox jumps over the river
  4. A fox can become a pet, like a dog or a cat.
  5. Foxes have a very sharp hearing, they can hear sound at a distance of 50 meters.
  6. Foxes can run at speeds up to 75 km / h.
  7. The fox is pregnant only 53 days.

    beautiful young fox
    Young fox
  8. In the wild, the life of a fox is 3 years, and domestic foxes can live up to 10 years.
  9. Foxes can withstand the cold to minus 65 degrees Celsius.
  10. In the wild, foxes have many enemies: eagles, coyotes, wolves and bears.
  11. Foxes feed on small rodents.

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