8 Facts about Your Favorite Watermelon

1) In Japan, cultivated square watermelons. They are specially placed in small boxes in special boxes.
2) As suggested watermelon was known to mankind since the days of Ancient Egypt, about 400 BC. Scientists find hieroglyphs that indicate that the Egyptian pharaohs loved to eat them.
3) Seeds of watermelons are very much appreciated in Asia, where they are used in national dishes. For example, in China, the seeds of watermelons are eaten for the New Year, and in Vietnam they are considered an appetizer.

sliced watermelon

4) Throughout the world, festivals are held in honor of watermelon.
5) Watermelons can be stored for several months.
6) Watermelon consists of 90% of water.
7) Watermelon is recognized as one of the best in the world for hydration.
8) You can not bring watermelon to Israel there they are prohibited for importation into the country.

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