The most expensive furniture in the world made by man.

The most expensive furniture is the work of true masters. Their work can not be repeated. These things are unique in their performance and are fulfilled by the true Creators. In the top ten most expensive furniture – only antiques. Naturally, the price they were assigned not by the authors themselves, but by people who are well versed in the cost of such furniture. All transactions took place in the well-known auction houses of the world …


10. Dressing table, made by talented master William Seiver. He was able to create a real work of furniture art. Collectors from all over the world wished to acquire this work of the American creator. Up to now, the dressing table has been preserved in excellent condition. It is the merit of the descendants of the first owner of the table – John Jackson. The work of the American creator was estimated at $ 4.48 million.

9. The secretary of the 18th century. It was made in the 18th century – in the era of Louis XV. This piece of furniture is unique, first of all, by its execution. Author of the secretarial Lazare Duvaux. According to some information, he made it specially to Madame de Pompadour. Given the unique production technology and rich history, the piece of furniture was sold at auction for $ 5, 1 million.

8. One of the most expensive stools was made by master Reginald Lewis. In 2008, the auction price for it reached 5.2 million US dollars.

7. The English chest of Thomas Chippendale. This master is a significant figure in the furniture industry. His works are highly appreciated by connoisseurs of antiques. The famous master’s chest of drawers was purchased for $ 5.98 million.

6. Cabinet – the office of Dominico Cucci. This master is known for his mahogany works. It was made in the late 17th century in France. The author himself received wide recognition for the performance of several architectural offices. Cucci worked for Louis XIV. Rarities with a rich history were purchased for $ 7.33 million.

5. Tea table master in the performance of John Goddard. Interestingly, this object, unlike the previous exhibits, is not made in a single copy. There are two of them in the world. One of them is now a museum exhibit and exhibited at the Winterthun Museum in the United States. The second exhibit could be purchased in its collection by connoisseurs of antiques. They sold in January 2005 for 8, 416 million US dollars.

4. The throne belonging to the Chinese emperor Qianlong also went to a private collection. The throne itself has survived to the present day in excellent condition. At the auction it was purchased for 11.07 million US dollars.

3. Dining table in the performance of John Goddard. He made it in the 60s of the 18th century. On the surface of the table there is an engraving. Judging by the memorable inscription, the master made a table as a gift for his daughter. The master of our time tried to repeat the exact copy of the table. But even thanks to high technology, the venture was not crowned with success. The dining table of the XVIII century was estimated at auction for 12.1 million US dollars.

2. Armchair with dragons. The author of an unrivaled piece of furniture – the Irish designer Eileen Gray. His creations are the raisin of Cristie’s auction house. The chair with the dragons was sold in February 2009. Bidding took place in Paris. Lot went for an incredible amount – more than 28 million US dollars.

1. Office Bureau Badminton. It was made in the 18th century in Florence. The office is the work of several people. They all worked under the Duke of Tuscany. It is made of solid ebony with insets of bronze. In the center of the bureau there is a coat of arms of the Bophor family. The corners are decorated with four figures, which symbolize the seasons. “Badminton” left the auction for 36, 8 million US dollars.

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