Chamonix Skywalk – Observation Cabin at an Altitude of 3842 m

In December 2013, in the French Alps, in the ski resort of Chamonix, on the mountain peak Aiguille du Midi (Aiguille du Midi, translated from the “Midday Peak”), the Chamonix Skywalk observation platform, completely covered with glass, was opened.

A fully glass viewing booth made of 12 mm glass and installed at an altitude of 3842 m above sea level (1035 m above the ground), hovers above the abyss, revealing breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Those who want to “soar” above the abyss are asked to put on the soft slippers facing the entrance, so as not to scratch the glass floor.

Aiguille du Midi is one of the most popular mountain peaks in the French Alps among tourists after Mont Blanc: daily it is visited by more than 2,000 people – tourists, mountaineers, snowboarders and other lovers of outdoor activities.

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