Top 6 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

In the world there are thousands of magnificent natural objects, and in this collection you will find only a few of them, but believe me, they deserve special attention! These enchanting abysses, heights and coastlines are special in that they are also at the same time the most dangerous and sometimes even deadly. Such places are very rare and often almost inaccessible to mere mortals.

1. Saltstraumen, Norway

Saltstraumen is a small Norwegian bay, the navigation by which only the most experienced sailors can. Local tides here are very powerful and form wide and deep whirlpools, presenting a serious threat to the lives of untrained travelers and yachtsmen. From the side this place looks simply fascinating, as if somewhere under water boils stormy life, and above its surface is about to appear a huge prehistoric creature.

2. Cave Gufre Berger (Gouffre Berger), France

Cavers cross Lake Cadoux in a small dingy inside the Gouffre Berger cave. A 4-meter-deep (approximately 13 feet) pool of water blocks the way forward through the Starless River.

This abyss goes underground for 1200 meters, and although it looks simply breathtaking, and at the bottom of the cave even has its huge lake, you can die here in a matter of seconds. When the rains come, the cavity is completely filled with water, and all who are at this moment are inside Gufre Berger, fall into a death trap. Many people have already died here, but this place continues to attract researchers and connoisseurs of fatal beauty from all over the world. However, only the most experienced speleologists can get to the bottom of the dungeon, because the descent is technically very complicated and requires certain skills, as well as the availability of professional equipment.

3. The Rock Preikestolen, Norway (Preikestolen)

In Norway there is one very high and steep rock, which appeared here at the end of the last ice age – about 10,000 years ago. Then a huge glacier broke off, ripping off part of the rock, and exposing this spectacular cliff. The square and almost flat platform is 604 meters above the Norwegian fjord of Lyse, and in the future the rock will invariably continue to break down, but in its place it will remain long enough that millions of tourists who want to tickle the nerves, having to stand at the edge viewing platform. Prequestolin is a famous landmark and a favorite place for selfie. However, its high slope is a great danger for unwary travelers, because if you stumble, you will be sure death. From the rock often jump the most sophisticated base jumps, coming here from all over the world.

4. The Great Blue Hole

This huge underwater cavity is in the area of ​​the Belize barrier reef coast (Belize). The cave has an almost perfect round shape, and its bottom is at a depth of almost 108 meters. This is the deepest sea hole on the planet and one of the best places for scuba diving. At one time, Jacques Cousteau himself visited here and glorified the Great Blue Hole for the whole world. Diving here is completely safe, but if you dive deeper than 40 meters, anyone at risk of suffering from decompression sickness.

5. Antelope Canyon , USA

This amazing place is in the southwest of the States and is recognized as one of the most beautiful rock formations on Earth. Its name is a crevice canyon for red-red walls, reminiscent of the color of wool antelope. However, this place was not accidentally included in our list – here, too, you can die. When the rains come, the enchanting crevices are filled with water at an incredible speed, and violent currents are capable of killing any living thing on its way.

6. Top of K2, Himalayas

Perhaps you even saw a movie about this mountain. K2 (or Chogori) is the second highest peak in the world, and after Anapurna among climbers it is known as the most dangerous mountain for climbing. Many experienced climbers died on its slopes, but it continues to attract fans of the most extreme conditions and incredible beauties of the Himalayas. In winter, no one has ever been able to climb its top, and in the most favorable months, up to 25% of daredevils are dying here. In total, with the discovery of K2, the mountain succumbed to approximately 290 climbers (66 of which died), while the famous Everest will soon pass beyond the mark of 4000 climbers.



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