The Most Important Events of Medieval History that Changed the World

IV – VII centuries. Great migration of peoples
486. The emergence of the Frankish state
527 – 565 years of the Board of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I
622 The Birth of Islam
VII – VIII centuries. Arab conquests
VII – XI centuries. Viking days
732 Battle of Poitiers, Victory of Franks over Arabs
800. Education of the Frankish Empire
843 Verdun Agreement, the division of the empire of Charlemagne
962 Founding of the Holy Roman Empire
1054 Separation of the Christian Church (schism) into the Catholic and Orthodox
1066 The Norman Conquest of England
1077 Meeting of Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII at Canossa
1096 – 1270 rubles. Crusades
1099 The Taking of Jerusalem by the Crusaders
1147 The first written mention of Moscow
1204 The capture of Constantinople by the Crusaders
1209 – 1229 rubles. The Albigensian Wars
1215 The Magna Carta
1223 – 1242 rubles. Mongol-Tatar invasion of the lands of Eastern Europe
1265 The Occurrence of the English Parliament
1291 The loss of the last fortresses in Palestine by the crusaders
1302 The emergence of the General States in France
1309 – 1377 rubles. Avignon’s captivity of the popes
1337 – 1453 years Hundred Years War between England and France
1347 – 1350 rubles. The epidemic of plague in Western Europe (“black death”)
1378 – 1417 rubles. The Great Schism of the Catholic Church
1380 Kulikovo battle, the beginning of the liberation of Moscow Rus from the Mongol-Tatar invasion
1389 Battle of Kosovo in the field. The defeat of the Turks by the Serbian army
XIV – beg. XVI century. Union of Russian lands around Moscow
1402 Battle of Ankara. Defeat of the Turks Timur
1410 Battle of Grunwald. Defeat of the Teutonic Order
1415 Burning of Jan Hus
1419 – 1434 rubles. Hussite wars
1439 The Florentine Union
1445 The invention of printing I. Gutenberg
1453 The capture of Turks by Constantinople
1477 Completion of the unification of France. Defeat of the Burgundians. The death of Charles the Bold
1455 – 1485 rubles. The Wars of the Roses and the White Rose
1479 Education of the Spanish Kingdom
1480 End of Tatar domination in North-Eastern Russia
1492 Completion Reconquista

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