8 Most Unusual Bars in the World

In this article we will tell you about the establishments that have become famous not only their assortment, but also for the unusual atmosphere that is achieved through unique design and work with visitors.


Here there are hospital beds, and the staff is dressed in hospital uniforms – they go in dressing gowns, and orders are served in syringes, from which the drinks are poured into glass cones. Many visitors come here not so much for drinks, as for the sake of new emotions, so here you can often meet even those people who do not even enjoy drinking.


Baobab – a tree of African deserts, which is considered to be one of the thickest in the world. But where is it? The fact is that the Baobab bar is directly in the trunk of a tree, which, by the way, is more than six thousand years old, its height is about twenty meters. The bar itself is located on an area of about fifty square meters. There are miracles in the South African Republic. Also in the bar there is a natural cellar for cooling drinks, a set for darts. In addition, there is electricity directly inside the tree, there is a telephone.


This Indian bar is equipped in the style of a space station – a blue characteristic light, a form of cosmonauts on staff. In addition, every evening there is a laser show.

“River house of Zulunkhuni”

This bar is located in Malawi and is made in the form of a lodge by the river. It consists of three sections in the form of two buildings with thatched roofs. Near the house is a picturesque waterfall, as well as a restaurant in this cave. Electricity is not here, but because the drinks are stored in refrigerators, working on kerosene. To get here is also not easy, as the path from the nearest city will take about three hours.

Floyd’s Pelican

In Jamaica, there is one interesting institution – at first glance, it is an ordinary wooden shanty, but it should be said that your trip to Jamaica will not be considered complete if you do not visit this place. In this seemingly unprepossessing place, it’s great to dine, drink the best liquor, and then visit the chic pool. You can get into Pelican Floyd’s bar only through the water – on the boat.

“Bar on the Peaked Hill”

This place is located in the capital of Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – at an altitude of almost four hundred meters above sea level, on the mountain. You can get here by using a special lift, or you can climb the mountain yourself, however this is very difficult. But there is also a good plus of such an upsurge – the difficulties of entering at such a height are only more motivating and create a sense of satisfaction at the end of this process. Climbing the mountain will cost you a lot of effort, but the chic landscape compensates for everything. Perhaps, this bar is one of the most remarkable places in Brazil for a lover of unusual bars.

Alux Lounge

Alux Lounge is located in another Latin American country – Mexico. This place is in a real cave – the one created by nature itself. Here, besides good service, you can see stalactites and stalagmites – stone “icicles” growing from the bottom and ceiling of the cave. They form amazing pictures in which everyone can see something of their own.

Lagoon Bar

This bar is located in the famous Blue Lagoon, which is in Iceland, which is a real resort with hot springs, but not quite ordinary, and that are among the snows. Everything in the Blue Lagoon is created according to European quality standards, so you can be sure that everything here is thought through to the last detail. In the Lagoon Bar you will be offered quality drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), as well as snacks to them, delicious desserts, fruits and so on …


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