Found a village in Japan, which has more than 800 statues.

Japanese photographer Ken Ohki, known under the pseudonym Yukison, during a trip to Toyama Prefecture, came across one of the most eerie clusters of sculptures of people located throughout the village of Fureai-Sekibutsu no-Sato Sekibutsu no Sato), the title of which translates as “The village in which Buddhist statues can be found.”

“I had a feeling that I accidentally stole into some forbidden zone.” It’s amazing! ” – Ken wrote in his “Twitter”. In fact, he found himself in the park, where there are more than 800 different stone statues, created in the likeness of Buddhist deities and people who are close to the founder of the park Mutsuo Furukawa.

Mutsuo Furukawa wanted to turn this park into a popular tourist destination. However, after a while, the statues, without due care, lost their former appearance and turned into an eerie sight, ceasing to attract tourists. The park was abandoned, and now no one dares to walk along the deserted avenues.

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