The most expensive painting in the world was sold in New York

Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci “The Savior of the World” was sold at Christie’s auction in New York for a record $ 400 million. The initial value of the lot was 100 million, but within half an hour it increased to 400 million. The total amount including all taxes, fees and commissions was $ 450 million.

The picture “The Savior of the World” is roughly dated to the 1500th year. The first mention of it appears in the collection of the King of England Charles I (1600-1649). In 1763, the painting put up for sale the illegitimate son of the Count of Buckingham Charles Sheffield. Almost 150 years later, the canvas was already in the collection of one of the richest people in England Frederick Cook and then he was considered the work of one of the disciples of Da Vinci. In 2005, the painting was sold at a regional auction in the US for less than $ 10,000. The authorship of the famous Italian artist was established only after carrying out restoration work.

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