Yacht with waterfalls

Yacht – this is certainly a luxury item. And yet the concept, which was recently, is something completely new and absolutely incredible – from the sizes and ending with the design of the cabins. On the yacht there is even a pool with waterfalls. And this is not the main feature of this vessel.

Clifford Denna already has a portfolio that puts him on par with elite marine designers who previously developed passenger cruise liners for Cunard companies (for example, Queen Mary 2) and P & O. His latest concept was the Maximus Project, which was a member of Monaco Yacht Show last week, may start a new trend for superyachts: the wheelhouse on the ship is placed on the lower deck, and the upper deck is completely “given” to the passengers.

The project Heeson Yachts Maximus (“Maximus”) is named so not because of the size of the concept of the yacht, the length of which (83 m) eliminates the concept of being among the 100 largest private motor yachts in the world. Moreover, it is half the size of the largest private yacht, the 180-meter yacht Azzam, the state-owned president of the UAE, Khalifa ibn Zayd Al Nahyan.

Rather, the reason for which was named. survey site. Another attraction of the yacht is a huge pool with two waterfalls.

The Maximus project is intended for accommodation in a hotel, mainly for 12 people (including grandiose private apartments for two VIP guests). The maximum speed of the yacht is 19 knots (35 km / h), and it can pass without refueling 10 186 km at a cruising speed of 13 knots (24 km / h).

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