family of elephants

13 Brief Facts about Elephants

  1. The ears of African elephants are three times larger than those of Asian elephants.
  2. An adult elephant eats 80 pounds of food a day.
  3. The ears of elephants serve as an air conditioner.
  4. For one day an elephant can drink up to 90 gallons of water. That’s twice as many as camels can drink.

    large adult elephant
    Adult elephant
  5. Elephants can smell water at a distance of 3 kilometers.
  6. Ears in elephants like fingerprints of people are unique.
  7. Elephants can not jump.
  8. Elephants, despite their weight, are excellent swimmers.
  9. Elephants live up to 70 years.

    Elephant in the wild
  10. An elephant spends 15 hours a day only on food.
  11. Elephants are asleep standing up. Although they sleep very little less than 5 hours.
  12. The thickness of an elephant’s skin is 1 inch.

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