running horse

13 Interesting Facts about Horses

  1. Horses after birth for two hours can already walk and run.
  2. In the skeleton of a horse, there are 200 bones. At the person of 205-207.
  3. Pets live up to 25 years. The oldest horse in the world was 62 years old.
  4. These animals can sleep standing horses
  5. Horses are herbivores.
  6. The maximum speed of a horse is 28 miles per hour (35 km / h).
  7. There are 55 million horses in the world.
  8. The horse has very big teeth, even more than the horse’s brain itself.
  9. In total there are 250 kinds of horses.
  10. The brain of a horse is half the size of a human brain.

    running horse
    Horse in the wild
  11. Horses can express emotions through facial expressions.
  12. The largest horse is Shira, its height was 2.5 meters.
  13. The smallest horse, a 14-inch pony from New Hampshire, was called Einstein.

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