wine with cheese

9 facts about cheese that you didn’t know

  1. Cheese can be made from the milk of many animals. (For example: from cow’s milk, buffalo, sheep, horses, camels)
  2. The color of the cheese depends on the number of seeds of tropical trees that are added during cooking.
  3. There are cheeses: soft cheese, hard cheese, cream cheese and cream cheese.cheeses
  4. Historians believe that for the first time cheese began to be cooked around 7000 BC.
  5. Annually in the USA 4000 tons of cheese are made. In Germany, 1900 tons of cheese. There are 1800 tons in France.
  6. In Greece every year, every person eats 30 kg of cheese. In France – 26 kg. In Iceland, 25 kg.

    Different kinds of cheeses
  7. People who do not tolerate lactose can not eat cheese. It is contraindicated.
  8. Vegetarians eat cheese from soy.
  9. It is very useful to eat a piece of cheese before going to bed.

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