Steven Yeun

10 Facts about Steven Yeun (“Walking Dead”)

  1. Steven Yeun – American actor of Korean origin, known for the role of Glenn in the television series “Walking Dead”.
  2. Steven Yeun was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  3. He moved to America at the age of 5, in the suburbs of Detroit.
  4. In 2005, Steven Yeun graduated from the Kalamazoo College, where he studied psychology.
  5. After studying for a year in the student drama circle, he became a member of the Monkapult troupe in the second year, and simultaneously played in the theater.Steven Yeun
  6. In October 2009, he moved to Los Angeles, where he now lives.
  7. Character Yeun remains one of the main throughout the six seasons of the series.
  8. In addition to filming in the films and television series Yeun is engaged in voice over the characters of computer games and cartoons.
  9. On December 3, 2016, in Los Angeles, Yeun married Joan Pak, who works as a photographer.
  10. On March 17, 2017, the couple had a son, Jude Malcolm Yeun

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