Books of the series Hunger Games

10 Facts Books of the series “Hunger Games”

  1. Books of the series “Hunger Games” were published from 2008 to 2010.
  2. The plot of the books is an adventure and science fiction.
  3. The history of books occurs in the anti-utopian North America. The country is divided into the Capitol (a very rich area from which the rest are managed) and 12 districts (very poor and poorly developed areas that are constantly oppressed by the Capitol)
  4. The first book tells how Ketniss (the main character) was chosen to participate in a dangerous television program, where only one winner will be.0MiO9-300x188 10 Facts Books of the series "Hunger Games"
  5. The second book tells how 12 districts begin an uprising against the Capitol.
  6. In the third book, history continues to rebel areas.
  7. The story is told by the eyes of Katness.
  8. The series “Hunger Games” was named the best book of the year in 2008.
  9. The series was translated into more than 28 languages.
  10. Based on the books in 2012, the film was shot.

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