8 Facts about Halloween that you don’t know for sure.

1. Halloween is one of the oldest celebrations in the world. Two thousand years ago, the Celts who lived in the UK celebrated Halloween.
2. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st.
3. Halloween is translated as the Day of the Dead.
4. During the holiday people dress in terrible costumes because they believed that on that day the undead can get to the ground and if they recognize you as a person they will take you with them to the next world.
5. Throughout the world, people spend more than 150 million US dollars on costumes, decorations and sweets, which makes this holiday the second most expensive holiday after Christmas.
6. The colors of Halloween are black and orange.
7. During Halloween, a pumpkin is often used for decoration, pumpkin flesh is cut out and a candle is put inside. Such a lantern according to legend will save you from the undead.
8. They also believe that the ringing of the bell also discourages the undead.

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