Barbados from a height

10 Interesting Facts about the Country of Barbados

Flag of Barbados
Flag of Barbados

1. Barbados is in South America.
2. Barbados is exporting more than 550 million liters of Roma every year throughout the world.
3. In Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, there is one of the oldest squares in the world. Nelson Square with the statue of the same name on it.
4. In the past, there were big problems in Barbados with rats that destroyed sugar cane and therefore mongooses were brought to the island, in 2 years the problem disappeared.
5. Barbados was a colony of Britain since 1627. Tobacco and cotton were grown on nanometers.
6. The highest point on the island is Mount Hillabi, which is 337 meters high. For comparison, the height of the Empire State Building is 442 meters.
7. The motto of Barbados is “Pride and Industry”.
8. Annually Barbados visits about 500 000 tourists.
9. Barbados is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean.

Island of Barbados
Island of Barbados

10. Barbados is also one of the most densely populated countries with a population of 285,000 people.

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