Products containing poisons.

Egg white

The main rule to remember: an omelet must be very well fried. The fact that egg proteins contain a trypsin inhibitor, which adversely affects the ability of the body to digest protein. The consequences can be fatal.

Egg-white-300x169 Products containing poisons.

Bones of cherries, apricots, apples and almonds

Bones of these fruits, if crushed, are a reliable source of hydrogen cyanide. Previously, spies, who were seized in enemy territory, swallowed tablets made from chopped almonds. Hydrogen cyanide is also called cyanide.

Egg-white-300x169 Products containing poisons.

Bread from whole wheat

Rye and whole wheat wheat contain phytic acid, which is also called “antinutrient”. Acid badly affects the absorption of substances such as zinc, potassium, magnesium and iron. It is also able to form insoluble compounds with these nutrients, which our body simply can not absorb.

Egg-white-300x169 Products containing poisons.


Perhaps you did not even know that your favorite product can poison us. In leaves of potatoes a small amount of corned beef. Solonin is a natural antifungal agent, as well as a pesticide. With their help, the plant protects itself well. After some time, the solonine accumulates in the tubers, and they acquire a green color. One potato contains about 8-13 mg of solanine. In order to get poisoned, it’s enough to use 200 mg. If you consume a large amount of old potatoes, hallucinations may occur, cause neurological problems, and nausea.

Egg-white-300x169 Products containing poisons.


Naturally, inedible mushrooms cause death. But now it’s not about that. Champignons and shiitake, if not pre-cooked, contain a huge amount of carcinogens. The experiments were carried out in mice.

Egg-white-300x169 Products containing poisons.


These nuts contain a substance such as urushiol. It can be found not only in cashews, but also in poisonous ivy. Everyone knows what consequences may occur upon contact with this plant. What then can happen if it is used for food? A small amount of cashew nuts is even useful, but if you overdo it, the reaction may not be very pleasant to you.

Egg-white-300x169 Products containing poisons.

Red beans

A substance that can make the membranes of our cells too permeable, and so much that any harmful substance is able to penetrate the cell, called phytohemaglutinin. This can lead to a person losing control not only over his own body, but also over his functions. The first signs of poisoning are diarrhea and vomiting. This poisonous substance is still capable of initiating mitosis of cells. If you cook beans at a temperature of 100 or more degrees, then the phytohemaglutinite

Egg-white-300x169 Products containing poisons.

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