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9 Incredible Facts about Dubai

1. Weekends in the UAE start on Thursday after lunch, on Friday off all day, but on Saturday starts a new working week.

dubai at night
Dubai at Night

2. At the airport in Dubai, there is a mandatory procedure for all who enter the country. Scanning the retina is an obligatory procedure. This is done in order to identify all those who were previously deported from the country, but changed the passport for the purpose of re-entry.

3. The air temperature in Dubai is quite high, in summer it exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. However, this does not cause much discomfort when traveling around the city, because air conditioners in Dubai are almost everywhere – in stores, in taxis and even at public transport stops.

4. According to various statistics, up to 90% of those living in Dubai are those who came here in search of work, the percentage varies slightly depending on the year.

beaches of dubai
Beaches of Dubai


5. Tourists, not even Muslims, should be prepared for the fact that during Ramadan, before sunset, you should not eat or drink in public places. You can still drink and eat at home, in a hotel or in special restaurants with tightly sealed windows.

6. Not without reason in the UAE are all extremely polite. For cursing or indecent gesture in a crowded place faces a fine or even imprisonment. The fights here are also severely punished.

7. For women there are separate wagons in the metro, special sections in buses and even, a taxi intended only for women.

7 star hotel in dubai
7 Star hotel in Dubai

8. For successful shopping, you should come to a shopping festival. In the rest of the time the prices here are quite high, especially for shopping centers.

9. Dubai – a city resembling a construction site, is the youngest metropolis. The city stretches along the coast, and has the longest (almost 80 kilometers) coastline in the world.

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