How do the temperaments of people differ?

Human temperament
– Phlegmatic
– Choleric
– Melancholic
– Sanguine

Properties of temperament
Phlegmatic (in the opinion of Hippocrates, in their organism the element of the earth predominates). Such people are calm, persistent, know how to count their strength, and bring the matter to the end.

Because of their slowness, they sometimes chuckle. Phlegmatic people are rather stingy in manifestations of emotions and feelings. Their main features are slowness and equanimity.

Choleric (element – fire). This is the exact opposite of phlegmatic. People with such temperament are bold, determined and enthusiastic. They often change their mood.

They differ tremendous capacity for work, but are often carried away and carelessly squander their strength, which leads to rapid exhaustion. Impulsiveness, impetuosity and imbalance are their characteristic features.

Melancholic (element – water). These are very indecisive people. They are emotionally vulnerable and extremely impressionable. Melancholics can take offense at the most innocent joke. That’s why they avoid noisy companies and new acquaintances.

Their suspiciousness often causes sad thoughts. But among melancholics there are many creative personalities: poets, musicians, artists. Their main features are deep impressionability and vulnerability.

Sanguine (element – air). The easiest people to communicate with. They like to joke. As soon as the interest disappears, the sanguine casts the business started halfway. The monotonous work makes him unhappy.

Sanguine easily adapt to changes and have a quick reaction to events. This type is most characteristic of such traits of character as liveliness and mobility.


I must say that the types of temperament have a conditional separation. In life, not often you can find a clearly expressed temperament. As a rule, most people are centrists. This means that every person manifests all four types of temperament, although the features of one basic one predominate.

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